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The advantages and disadvantages of used properties

+ Lower cost

For the same amount, you can afford a larger property or a better located property. The spaces in the used properties, based on the years of construction, are greater: more spacious rooms, more hallways and services.

+ Possibility to intervene with a renovation and take advantage of tax deductions

There are many tax breaks for those who carry out a renovation, ranging from 50% for traditional renovations, to 65% if energy requalification interventions are carried out, to 80% if major anti-seismic improvement interventions are carried out. Taking advantage of it could allow you to increase your budget between purchase and renovation

+ You can already see what you are buying

When you buy a used one you can already enter the house, see the area and the services that surround it, touch what you buy.

+ It is paid on the cadastral income: the heading is cheaper

The registration cost is particularly advantageous: in fact, you pay on the cadastral income and not on the agreed price. See the costs for registering the house.

+ Already urbanized areas

The area will already be urbanized and the meters already connected: this will further reduce costs by allowing you to simply transfer the meters, without being forced to install them again.

– A restructuring may have unexpected events

You can make many estimates and plan each element in detail but, trust me, a renovation ALWAYS has some unexpected events. They must always be considered in your budget, planned and quantified. You could go beyond your availability and find yourself in difficulty.

– Stress following a restructuring

A renovation is stressful: it takes time, money and effort. It will be wonderful to design and personalize your home, but you have to take into account many months of work and many details to choose and define. You can contact a technician who will follow you in everything but with a cost to be evaluated during the purchase phase.

Impossible to reach the construction level of the new one without a total reconstruction

Even if a complete renovation is done, the construction and insulation level of the new one will be almost impossible to achieve. The only way to make a new generation property is to tear it down and rebuild it, however making the expense equal if not higher than that of buying a new property.